Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Beautiful Game

Me being a die hard football fan, can't help but choose the biggest controversy surrounding the Football world today to comment upon.

Were Chelsea robbed of a Champions League Finals Berth?

There are theories going on that the referee did it intentionally because UEFA did not want another All English Final. I think that is bullshit. I agree that the referee made mistakes and it is not something new. We have seen it all before.
Now coming to the match itself, i thought there was only one team playing Football and that was Barcelona. I was amazed by the way Chelsea played, especially in the first leg. Coming on the back of the quarter final match against Liverpool(in which Chelsea were outstanding), this was really shocking. I believe if you really get on the face of Barcelona, you can give them some problems. This we saw in some brief spells of attacking football which Chelsea played at Stamford Bridge. I think they will be ruing the fact that they did not pressurize the Barcelona defense often enough. Especially, after Barcelona were down to 10 men in the 65th minute. It was more a question of intent rather than if they would have been able to do it. And then they paid the price as a magnificent goal by Andres Iniesta sealed their fate. I would like to say here that no one deserves it more than Iniesta. He has been outstanding this season.
After the match, there was this bullying of the referee by the Chelsea players, especially Didier Drogba. I feel UEFA should be handling this matter a bit leniently here. After all, they were booted out of the Champions league final and it becomes really difficult for anyone to control his emotions.
Finally, answering the question of whether Chelsea were robbed? The Chelsea fans would believe they were robbed, but in the end justice has been done. The team which played positive football went through. This proves that everyone loves The Beautiful Game, including "Lady Luck".

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