Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Oscar For Good Films????

I am completely bemused by the way the Oscar Jury Works on selecting the "Best Film Of The Year". I am quite ok about the other categories. I believe they do a pretty good job with those. But, they screw up big time when it comes to the Best Film.The nominations are decided by the votes of a little less than 6000 members of the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. I would love to meet them and understand their point of view in selecting the best film.
This year, the Award went to Slumdog Millionaire, which according to me was at best an average film. The western audiences must have found it somewhat different and a bit amusing, but for us Indians it was a kind of a run of the mill entertainer. As per me, the film which deserved the award did not even get nominated. For me there was only one winner "The Dark Knight". I mean the film had everything...High Voltage Drama, Emotions, Mind Boggling Action, Superb Special Effects , Awesome Screenplay, Great Performances and some Everlasting Dialogues. How could the jury miss out on it? It is a complete disgarce that the film did not even get nominated. In the end this film got only 2 Oscars. I was beginning to wonder, had Heath Ledger been alive, would they have given him the award?
I was already dissappointed with the awardee of this year. Then, a few days back i saw the awardee from last year "No Country For Old men". The film is bad and i mean really bad. I believe the first criteria for a film to be termed as "good" should be that it entertains the audience. I was bored to death while watching this movie. I watched the entire film with a hope that there would be something in the end that would raise it to another level. But, just like that the film got over(with a bizarre ending). I fail to understand how this film deserved an Oscar????? I can understand if the award goes to a non-commercial film, but how it could be given to a bad film like this is completely beyond me.
I have now decided to stay away from Oscar Nominated Films. I would much rather watch an entertaining film with minor technical flaws, than a technically brillant film which does not offer much entertainment.

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